PEGA Developer/Engineer

at TopDevz

We are looking for an experienced, senior, PEGA Developer/Engineer, who is excited to work on one of our many client projects - both greenfield (new) projects as well as legacy (support) projects in that technology stack. This is a remote position. Skills & Requirements The following skills are required:

  • Very experienced (5+ Years) in Software/App Development.
  • Very experienced (5+ Years) in PEGA.
  • Good knowledge about Agile and Scrum Methodology
  • Experience and knowledge about OOPS concepts
  • Technologies such J2EE, JSP,EJB,Xml and Java
  • Well-versed in PRPC (Pega Rules Process commander )
  • Knowledge and experience in working with Agile Methodology
  • Ability to work with SCRUM/Pega Smart
  • SOAP, PL/SQL are important and having knowledge of Oracle is a plus
  • Ability to code and it is good when you are proficient in these following languages like Java, Jquery, Angular JS etc
  • Its good to know these tools Visio, UML and Excel.
  • Knowing Web Technologies such as HTML, XML, must be strong in JavaScript, XHTML, CSS is a plus
  • Good analytical skills, innovative and detail-oriented.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Significant attention to detail when writing code, including good commenting and code documentation skills.