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We are looking for a 3D Rendering Specialist to join Scalable Path to work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.CLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION:The client is a well established and growing company in the on-demand cloud printing space. They provide the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly print solution for global companies through having a global network of world-class printers to carry out printing locally. Their ambition is to cut 90% of print-related transportation and reduce companies' print costs by 50% to benefit both their customers and the planet.The client's development teams are highly ambitious and nurture a startup-style culture. Currently, the brand has over 3 million customers and they have grown 400% in 4 years. They have also achieved the highest customer satisfaction rates in their industry.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:The client has an e-commerce website where various print-related products (flat cards, folded cards, photobooks, calendars, mugs, etc.) can be customized and purchased. Currently, when a product is configured, it can be previewed by the customer so that they can see what the product is going to look like when it is printed. The current website only supports previewing products in a typical, flat (2D) way. The client would like to significantly improve the quality and accuracy of the image previews by using more advanced 3D rendering techniques.Your role will be to propose, investigate, research and implement advanced photorealistic 3D rendering strategies at scale.The current 2D product images are basic and don't allow as much realism as they would like. For example, some products can be printed with metal foil which is slightly embossed and reflects differently, and this should be viewable in the images. They are looking for someone who can advise them on how to render product images that can present such subtleties of the products that will make them more appealing and give customers more confidence to purchase.The client is currently using Java2D and OpenCV to do render their product previews, but they have been experimenting (with some initial success) with WebGL and are considering Java3D. They are open to new ideas and suggestions on how to proceed. Any proposed solution will need to be able to be implemented at scale to quickly render products with hundreds of thousands of configuration combinations.RELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH:You will be reporting to and working with one of the technical co-founders of the company and the head of product management. The client is in the Europe/Oslo (+01:00) CET time zone.REQUIRED SKILLS:- Strong English Communication- Deep experience with 3D rendering space- Server-side image rendering at scale- Wide knowledge of available software and hardware available in the 3D rendering space- Ability to analyze a problem, propose options and implement effective solutionsDESIRED (NICE-TO-HAVE) SKILLS:- Java- Python- Node.js- OpenGL- WebGLSTART DATE:As soon as possible.EXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION:Long-term if hourly rate is not too high (otherwise the engagement might be shorter - perhaps 2-3 months)NOTES:Someone with experience in video game development is more likely to be a fit than someone experienced with architectural or movie 3D rendering, because the client needs lighter-weight, faster rendering that is more similar to the techniques used in video games.


The pay rate for this role is from $50 to $80 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.