Senior Software Engineer & Cryptography

at Arxan Technologies

About Us

Arxan is trusted by over 500 global enterprises to secure their high-value apps. Our protection and deployment solutions protect applications at the source and binary code level to expand the area of trust and deliver the industry’s most comprehensive app-level protection against a broad range of threats.

Join our talented and mission-driven team and help us fulfill our vision of a world where bad actors seeking to compromise our customer’s most valued apps are always unsuccessful.

What We are Looking For

Arxan Technologies provides sophisticated anti-cracking tools that protect application programs from software piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering, as well as white box cryptography technology for client side encryption/decryption with key hiding. Our tools run on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and protect code for a wide variety of target systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Java and .NET byte code.

We are looking for an experienced, hands-on software engineer with a strong background in math and Computer Science to join an agile team focused on deep cryptography technology. This is a unique R&D position that will take full advantage of the candidate’s cryptography expertise in a commercial setting, and extend the candidate’s knowledge into alternative cryptographic algorithms and implementations.

The technologies you develop will be used by the world’s largest software publishing companies, financial institutions, media companies, and companies in other areas (digital media, gaming, geosciences, consumer products, and embedded system to mention a few).


  • Extensive experience developing software in C/C++.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Cryptography, including standard Block Ciphers (AES, Triple-DES), Asymmetric Ciphers (RSA, ECC, ElGammal, Diffie-Hellman. ECDSA) and Hashes, etc. (SHA, CMAC, HMAC).
  • Ability to collaborate with team members, and interact with other teams.
  • Excellent abstract mathematics skills.
  • Experience with Scrum or other agile methods.
  • Experience with assembly languages such as x86, ARM or similar.
  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent.

Desired Skills/Experience

  • Advanced abstract algebra, including Field and Group Theory, in particular Galois Fields, Elliptic Curves, and other areas applicable to Cryptography.
  • Reverse Engineering, including software cracking processes and/or software cracking tools such as OllyDebug, IdaPro, etc.
  • Proprietary DRM technology such as PlayReady, OMA, DTCP, etc.
  • Understanding of binary and executable file formats (PE, COFF, ELF, DWARF; dll’s, shared objects, etc.).
  • Embedded systems development, including board support, cross-compilers, remote debugging, etc.
  • Systems level experience in compiler technology, linker technology, debugger technology, or low level operating systems technology.

Our Culture

As a small team, each of us has the opportunity to have a direct impact on our growth as a company and the success of our customers. We are guided by four key principles:

Passion – for our mission and the success of our customers. We put learning, excellence and integrity at the forefront of all that we do and we are leaders in our field because of it.

Play to Win – going “all in” to exceed expectations. We focus on what can be achieved, taking intelligent risks to anticipate new threats and pursue innovative solutions.

Get Stuff Done – seeing obstacles as opportunities. We operate with velocity and focus to ensure our results are amazing.

Collaboration – because we are all in it together! We put the success of our team above our own and embrace diverse ideas and perspectives, treating each other with respect.

Arxan offers competitive salaries, a full array of benefits and paid time off. Our employees enjoy flexible working hours and an inclusive culture.