Technical Co-founder / CTO

at TicketFlash App

You’ve worked as a freelance or in an agency, or you may be looking for your second job. Either way, you’ll have built or contributed to a few different projects and can demonstrate that.

We believe tickets should be transactable, that means fully shareable and returnable. Want to join us in wrestling control from the touts? Read on…

You’ll be working on:

  • Our iOS app, written in Swift
  • Our backend platform, written in .NET Framework 4.5 with a SQL Server database (we’d like to update this to .NET Core 2.2).
  • Our event door app, written in JavaScript and the Electron framework
  • Developing or delivering our new Android app, written in whatever you’d like; Java, Kotlin, React Native, it’s your choice!
  • Developing the analytical tools to understand ticket buyer behaviour in detail.
  • Expanding and developing app features including geolocational security and last minute activation of tickets.

We hope that you will:

  • Have experience with at least some of the technologies we’ve mentioned above (iOS Development with Swift, .NET & ASP.NET, JavaScript, Android Development, and Azure).
  • Have some public evidence of what you know. Do you have a stackoverflow profile? A hacker news profile? Do you tweet? Write about technical things on Medium? Contribute to open source in any way?
  • At least 3 years of professional experience
  • Live somewhere in Great Britain and can make it to Birmingham occasionally.
  • Have lots of ideas and a willingness to share them!

We’re a startup so things can be chaotic. As well as being able to write good, clean code you’ll need to be able to solve problems on a daily basis using your own initiative. Flexibility and resilience are key!

If you’re smart, friendly and love building software—we want to hear from you.


We’ve boot-strapped the beta version with the help of contractors – so we’re in the scrappy early stages.

The role will initially be part-time or on a contract basis. We're raising a round, we'll make you full time and pay you a full-time salary when we do. 

As a key partner, you'll get a generous share option package from the start to reflect your time and commitment in the fundraising.

We’ll get you a top of the range Mac (you’ll need it for iOS development). What you install on there is up to you.

Where you’ll work

Although we’re based in Birmingham and will need to see you in person from time to time, you can work remotely the rest of the time.